In every exchange of information, the listening is the most important part of the process.  During the life we listen to more speeches than we deliver.  The effective listening develops the critical thinking and reduces to minimum the moments of misunderstanding.

Not every speaker and not every message we hear it on the same way and for the same reasons.  Some messages in order to be understood require extra effort with regard to listening, while we send an afternoon chat with friends with half the attention, but the message is most often fully and correctly understood.


Try to become great listener, because the great listener is the base of every successful person through the history.  Here are some advice from Si Communication for improving your listening:

       1. Take the speaker seriously

- As any other skill, it needs time and self-discipline

       2. Resist to the distraction of your attention

- When you catch yourself focusing on other thing, try to come back to the conversation

       3. Don’t spread your attention to the speaker’s appearance or to the way he is delivering the message

- Lincoln and Gandhi were strange in appearance but great orators

      4. Suspend the judging

- „Closed mind is an empty mind“

     5. Keep your listening focused

- Listen to the main points (a good speech has only a few)

- Listen to the evidences (whether the occurrence is current, whether the sources are objective, whether it is relevant, whether there is enough evidence to support the speaker)

- Listen to the techniques (study the techniques the speaker is using, you will find them useful in similar situations)




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