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The planning of a business development is one of the most crucial components of every strategy for renewal.  Unfortunately, not every company is developing a plan for growth of the company.


Acquisition # 1: "In an emergency the employees will know what to do".

Even from the best employees can’t be expected to know what to do when a catastrophe happens.  Letting everyone to react on its own way just adds confusion.  By previously documented plan for continuity of the business and training for the employees, everybody will be on the same page- helping to ensure organized, secure and timely recovery.

Acquisition # 2: "Insurance strategy for covering the lost".

The insurance itself is not a strategy for growth and development of the company.  The appropriate coverage is important part of the plan.  But, it can’t cover fully some of the peripheral damages from the event, as loosing clients, loosing the market participation or failures in the development or releasing new product.

Acquisition # 3: "Investment in business development plan".

The time spent in development and maintenance a business development plan is investment in your company.

Acquisition # 4: "Plan for overcoming the working risks."

Company’s development plan is a proactive plan for avoiding and mitigating the risks related to the working disruption. It describes the steps that need to be undertaken before, during and after the event for sustaining the financial sustainability of a company.  

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