Most of the people have fear of public appearances and presentations. The fact that all eyes of the audience are focused on you waiting for you to bring out the story they have come to hear. So, you should try for them not to regret the time they have devoted to you. Here are few useful tips from Si Communication that will help to deliver your presentation successfully.


       1. The enthusiasm is very important

Most of the presentations are standard and the presenters do not try to bring serenity and life into the topic. The enthusiasm in a presentation usually is a reflection of the involvement level and the interest of the presenter about the topic. If you don’t involve feelings and passion in your presentation, the audience’s spirit will soon decrease and the presentation will have only a short effect.

       2. Tell a story

When you are preparing a story it is very easy to get lost in the details of every single slide. In reality, the story that connects all slides togethers is much stronger than the content and the details of every single slide. The story is the one that stays remembered by the audience and that can be used.

       3. Be prepared to improvise

Have on mind that some of the audience will have solid knowledge and information about the topic you are presenting and that they can ask you some questions which if you are not ready to answer can surprise you in negative context. Be prepare to think fast and to scroll through the material that you have in your head about the subject and not to find yourself as a baker or silent while everyone is expecting your answer. You can do this best by practicing at home.

      4. Communicate on the right level

Take into account the composition of your audience and adjust the presentation to their level of education, years and interest. If you present your presentation to an audience that is assumed to have the basic knowledge in this area, it will be best to skip the part you explain from the beginning.



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