Body language silhouette


The effective use of the body language plays a key role in the communication. Here are some tips from Si Communication about how the signals you send with your body to turn into your advantage:


  1. Take a pose that fills you with confidence

The researches at Harvard and Columbia Business University show that the simple pose of your body in an expansive, position of “supremacy” stimulates the feeling of domination and power and suppresses the feeling of fear and nervousness.

       2. Listen to the audience actively

If you want the audience to actively participate in your presentation, devote fully to what is saying. Don’t use that time to check the phone or your watch. Listen, focus to their speaking, turn your body toward them and look them in the eyes. It is very important for them to know that you are listening.

       3. Remove the physical barriers

The physical barriers are problem especially in the effort of achieving effective communication. Remove everything that is blocking your view or everything that is a physical barrier between you and the rest of the team.

      4. Put a smile on your face in order to stimulate good feeling among the audience

The smile not only stimulates your sense of well-being but also gives knowledge to those around you that you are accessible.



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