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Many small businesses are struggling to maintain their website. It always seems to have a lot of things, but very little time to handle them. With these proven tips, Si Communication will help you to solve some of the problems that appear in this field.


          1. Contents

Many people measure the success of the site with the number of its visitors. Therefore, it is very important to answer the questions crystal clearly - Why would people visit your site? Do you offer interesting and informative content related to the product / service? Extensive and relevant content is the key for a successful web site. Spend at least an hour on a few days to add new content.

          2. Updates

Keep your website updated. As mentioned above in the text, it's great to have a lot of content, but if it's older than three years, your site will never be a priority for visitors. Constantly monitor the novelties associated with your business and do not allow any important information from that area to be omitted on your web site.

         3. Links

This is a very popular way to increase the website ratings. But if you want to link to someone on your website or ask someone to share a link of your site, ask yourself first whether this link is relevant to what you are doing? Linking with other parties is a very positive thing in Internet marketing, but always make sure links are appropriate and link to websites that specifically match the topic you are linking to.

        4. Structure

All search engines prefer a website that is well organized. People are often interested in a single and specific title, and therefore they do not want to waste as much time searching on the website. Do a favor to them and yourself and structure your website well. Create subcategories and group the titles into them. You will immediately notice the positive effect.

       5. Pictures

If you sell something that has a visual image, then do not omit the photos of your product / service from the website. The visitors of your web site can only capture what you offer through the photography, and are more likely to physically visit you if they have previously liked the look of an article on your website.